The sports industry is currently experiencing the introduction of new technologies that it doesn’t have the resources and expertise to keep pace.

Ignition 2023 covered the topics at the cutting edge of sports technology. The agenda featured fundamental knowledge, in-depth analysis, real-world case studies, and peer networking to prepare industry executives for the next evolution of sports and how fans engage. 

Fan experience is at the heart of sports business. We’ll explore the solutions designed to enhance, enrich, and monetise fan engagement across owned and third-party platforms, your fan engagement tech stack, and the use of machine learning.

Stadiums are no longer just about sport, but are becoming entertainment venues. Providing real time data, immersive displays, and interactivity to elevate the atmosphere and deepen the connections between fans and the game. Uncover the technology revolutionising matchdays.

Understand the latest technologies underpinning e/m-commerce, with the latest SaaS developments transforming customer experience, and the rise of blockchain-enabled token technologies and products.

Find the diamonds in your data with the businesses re-imagining the capture, processing, storage and analysis of data to transform and improve your decision making and identify commercial opportunities.

Explore the solutions driving the future of sports content, including broadcast and streaming, distribution, new and emerging content platforms and gamification technologies.

Key Topics

Artificial Intelligence

The industry’s hottest new topic, but what is AI and how can you apply it? Uncover the different ways AI can be used to create a more personalised and engaging fan experience to drive revenue opportunities.

Immersive Experiences

The promise of Augmented and Virtual Reality has been teased for years, but we are finally reaching a precipice where technology can deliver. With major tech companies producing consumer products sports will soon have a new way to engage fans.

Connected Fitness

Technology is bringing fans closer to the sports and athletes they love. From wearables to simulators fans can now more deeply interact and participate producing more meaningful engagements for sports.