Ignition 2023 features an array of demo sprints, case studies, and keynote speakers dedicated to the sports tech ecosystem.

Keep your finger on the pulse of the industry’s emergent themes, trends, and technologies driving fan and business innovation. Explore our previously featured sessions below…

Rewarding fandom with NFT’s

  • How can NFT’s be used as more than collectibles?
  • How NFT’s allow fans to display their fandom and also receive extra benefits?
  • How to operate a loyalty program utilising NFT technology?
Georgia Sapounas
Senior Director Digital Products  & Innovation | Cleveland Cavaliers 

Increasing fan engagement with cloud technology

  • How are the PGA Tour leveraging cloud technology at scale to produce a more engaging consumption experiences for fans?
  • What are the challenges associated with broadcasting in an open environment and what technology is making it possible?
  • What have the PGA Tour learned about what fans actually want from an interactive broadcast experience?
Scott Gutterman
SVP, Digital Operations | The PGA Tour

Developing a sophisticated innovation strategy

  • What is EintrachtTech and how does it sit within Eintracht the club?
  • What were the challenges in developing EintrachtTech?
  • Why should other sports organisations make a similar commitment to innovation within their organisations?
Timm Jäger
CEO | EintrachtTech

Building a sports ecommerce business

  • How have Overtime created one of the most successful sports ecommerce businesses?
  • What technology is being leveraged to create successful ecommerce campaigns?
  • Why is ecommerce more than having a virtual shop?
Overtime Logo new 2x1
Tyler Rustein
Chief Brand Officer & Head of Commerce | Overtime

The Blockchain Playbook

  • What is blockchain and why you shouldn’t feel overwhelmed by it?
  • How can blockchain be applied into your existing business models?
  • What are the best practices for using blockchain across fan engagement, ticketing and in venue experiences, governance, media and collectables?
Thomas Euler
Founder | Liquiditeam

Increasing fan engagement through NFT’s

  • How did the Australian Open execute their first NFT drop?
  • What technology beyond blockchain went into the overall delivery?
  • How did the NFT’s help deliver a new form of engagement from fans?
Ridley Plummer
Senior Manager Metaverse, NFT’s, Web 3, and Cryptocurrency | The Australian Open

Demo Sprints

We also have quick and practical demo sprints with Herosxyz, GrayMeta Inc. 5STARS, Visiting Media, Barin Sports, XRii, Box2Box Tech Solutions, Dramatify and more, exploring the tech innovations of the future.